Career Profile

  • Experienced leader(Meta, Google, Airbnb, and LinkedIn) strong in product and engineering strategy.

  • Experience managing senior teams, supporting people managers and leading across ML, product, backend, and infrastructure teams.

  • Experience building teams from scratch, scaling them and hiring and growing senior engineers and people managers.


Engineering Manager

May, 2018 - Present
Meta, Menlo Park

  • Building a platform to implement Privacy quickly, smoothly, and without mistakes. Kickstarted a new 0->1 effort to create a rich, high-quality privacy graph connecting billions of code and data assets with the products they serve. Over the last two years, it has become a foundational infrastructure across Meta to describe the scope of the privacy policy and generate automated reports for GDPR and FTC compliance.

I have built the org from the ground up, hiring and growing senior engineers and supporting three different teams through managers.

Before this, I led the effort to prevent misinformation from going viral on the Facebook platform, building ML detection systems, infrastructure for measurement and evaluation, products for fact-checking organizations, and user-facing features in the Facebook app to inform users better about misinformation. Supported multiple teams distributed across the West Coast.

Engineering Manager

2016 - 2018
Airbnb, San Francisco

  • Started on pricing team and grew the experience effort from 3 to 15 engineers. Led teams focussing on developing pricing tools such as dynamic pricing and pricing insights for hosts and guests.

  • Delivered incredible business impact through pricing and directly drove 5% incremental growth for Airbnb in 2017.

  • Piloted insights as a product to hosts and then later expanded effort to build personalized ranking and build platform to support it into many different touch points.

  • Led promotions efforts to pilot discount creation on listings. Started machine learning efforts to develop dynamic discount promotions.

Engineering Manager

Oct 2012 - May 2016
Linkedin, Mountain View

  • Led a team of 10+ engineers working on content discovery through search to discover great content.** Built a scalable and intelligent notifications experience for in-app and push notifications for Linkedin. Also led growth efforts for cross promotions of Linkedin applications.

  • Led the feed team at Linkedin building multiple new features such as sponsored updates, mentions, company news in feed, profile updates and various tracking initiatives in the feed.** Led mobile infrastructure at Linkedin building mobile backends, owning the Node.js architecture and helped train new engineers on the team.

Software Engineer in Test

May 2009 - Oct 2012
Google, Bangalore & Mountain View

  • Worked on keyword suggestion tool within search ads responsible for suggesting keywords for advertisers to build on.

  • Led the quality and testing efforts for our team by designing revenue measurements and metrics pipeline, framework for human evals, regression tests and end-to-end pipelines for keyword based ad targeting project.


Miscellaneous list of publications, patents and projects

Airbnb Insights - Blog post about work at Airbnb for building insights for hosts.
Building with Node.js at Linkedin - Interview about building with Node.js at Linkedin
Sepia - Sepia is a VCR-like module for node.js that records HTTP interactions, then plays them back exactly like the first time they were invoked
Callpath Finder - Callpath Finder Patent at Google
Foodforce - The game aims at teaching children lessons on achieving sustainability and self-sustenance. It also provides lessons on Globalisation which are implemented through inter-community interaction.
Academic Publications - Links to all academic publications by me on Google Scholar.