Career Profile

Engineering leader interested in building compelling products and use technology to make lives better for millions of users. Wide experience across many established technology companies. Love coaching and developing high performance teams.


Engineering Manager

May, 2018 - Present
Facebook, Menlo Park

  • Lead the misinformation effort at Facebook with the goal of preventing misinformation from going viral on the platform. The work is cross-functional building ML detection systems, infrastructure for measurement and evaluation, product for fact checking organizations and inform efforts for when users encounter misinformation.

  • Started on misinformation team with 7 engineers. Grew the team with the team size of 30 engineers with 3 managers reporting into me. Managers grown within Facebook to management. Team is distributed across two locations: Menlo Park and Seattle.

Engineering Manager

2016 - 2018
Airbnb, San Francisco

  • Started on pricing team and grew the experience effort from 3 to 15 engineers. Led teams focussing on developing pricing tools such as dynamic pricing and pricing insights for hosts and guests.

  • Delivered incredible business impact through pricing and directly drove 5% incremental growth for Airbnb in 2017.

  • Piloted insights as a product to hosts and then later expanded effort to build personalized ranking and build platform to support it into many different touch points.

  • Led promotions efforts to pilot discount creation on listings. Started machine learning efforts to develop dynamic discount promotions.

Engineering Manager

Oct 2012 - May 2016
Linkedin, Mountain View

  • Led a team of 10+ engineers working on content discovery through search to discover great content.** Built a scalable and intelligent notifications experience for in-app and push notifications for Linkedin. Also led growth efforts for cross promotions of Linkedin applications.

  • Led the feed team at Linkedin building multiple new features such as sponsored updates, mentions, company news in feed, profile updates and various tracking initiatives in the feed.** Led mobile infrastructure at Linkedin building mobile backends, owning the Node.js architecture and helped train new engineers on the team.

Software Engineer in Test

May 2009 - Oct 2012
Google, Bangalore & Mountain View

  • Worked on keyword suggestion tool within search ads responsible for suggesting keywords for advertisers to build on.

  • Led the quality and testing efforts for our team by designing revenue measurements and metrics pipeline, framework for human evals, regression tests and end-to-end pipelines for keyword based ad targeting project.


Miscellaneous list of publications, patents and projects

Airbnb Insights - Blog post about work at Airbnb for building insights for hosts.
Building with Node.js at Linkedin - Interview about building with Node.js at Linkedin
Sepia - Sepia is a VCR-like module for node.js that records HTTP interactions, then plays them back exactly like the first time they were invoked
Callpath Finder - Callpath Finder Patent at Google
Foodforce - The game aims at teaching children lessons on achieving sustainability and self-sustenance. It also provides lessons on Globalisation which are implemented through inter-community interaction.
Academic Publications - Links to all academic publications by me on Google Scholar.